African Research Network for NTDs

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The African Research Network for NTDs (ARNTD) was established by African Research Fellows supported by the European Foundations Initiative for NTDs (EFINTD: www.efintd.org). Following their successful careers as EFINTD Fellows as evident from their peer-reviewed outputs, local and international impact of established research as well as extensive research collaborations and emerging as a prestigious and successful group of African NTD researchers, the Fellows are using the platform provided by EFINTD and their experience and expertise to expand the Network and partnerships, so as to extend these benefits in research and capacity building in empowering the next generation of African NTD researchers and building and strengthening a network of African researchers to participate in research that will match the global commitment to combat NTDs thus contributing to their accelerating control and elimination.

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African Research Network for NTDs (ARNTD)

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