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With a focus in Chagas disease, the Barcelona Centre for International Health Research (CRESIB), the research arm of the Barcelona Institute for Global Health has been involved in research and training related to NTD's since 2002 and ISGlobal is currently working and ISGlobal is currently working on an intervention strategy in Bolivia, the country most affected by Chagas disease. This strategy intervenes on three levels: measures aimed at providing direct care for patients in order to improve integrated care (prevention, diagnosis, and treatment); training health care professionals in the management of Chagas disease; and the development of research protocols through a joint scientific platform.Of note among the research projects currently underway is a phase 2 clinical trial to determine the safety and efficacy of a new drug for chronic Chagas disease as well as several projects to develop new tools to diagnose and monitor the treatment of Chagas disease. These tools include disease progression and healing markers that will help to assess the effectiveness of treatment in patients with chronic infection.

Our training activities in Chagas disease since 2002 include an annual workshop, now in its eight edition, which has become a key forum for the sharing of experiences and knowledge.

In Spain, Chagas disease is now a public health issue, ISGlobal advocates early detection of infection in newborn infants and quality care for patients living with the disease. This will be possible only when patients with chronic Chagas disease living in Spain are correctly diagnosed and receive adequate care to prevent or control the complications associated with their condition.

At ISGlobal / CRESIB, we coordinate the Iberoamerican Network NHEPACHA ("New Tools for Diagnosis and Patient Assessment. Chagas Disease"), dedicated to accelerating the development of new diagnostic tools and treatment Chagas disease. the following institutions are members of the NHEPACHA network:

  • IMT-UCV (Instituto de Medicina Tropical, Universidad Central de Venezuela).
  • FIOCRUZ-IOC (Fundação Oswaldo Cruz – Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, Brasil.
  • CRESIB (Centre Recerca en Salut Internacional de Barcelona), España.
  • CIEI-PUCE (Centro de Investigación de Enfermedades Infecciosas de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador), Ecuador.
  • UA-CIMPAT (Universidad de los Andes), Colombia.
  • IPBLN-CSIC. (Instituto de Parasitología y Biomedicina Lopez-Neyra), Granada- España.
  • CRISP –INSP (Centro Regional de Investigación en Salud Pública, Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública), México.
  • DNDi (Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative).
  • INGEBI (Instituto de Investigaciones en Ingeniería Genética y Biología Molecular), Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • CENDIE, (Centro Nacional de Diagnóstico e Investigación de Endemoepidemias), Argentina.
  • UMSS. (Universidad Mayor de San Simón), Bolivia.
  • HIGA (Hospital Interzonal General de Agudos) Eva Perón, Sección Chagas, Servicio de Cardiología, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Other NTD related work includes leishmania, helthminths and analyzing options relating to control, elimination and eradication of onchocerciasis, Lymphatic Filariasis and Human African Trypanosomiasis projects.

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Neglected Tropical Diseases Initiative

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