Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Short description of the organization and its work to control and eliminate NTDs

We focus our efforts on addressing 17 neglected diseases. Many of these account for a significant share of poverty, illness, and death in the developing world. Others, like human papillomavirus, may garner attention in the developed world, but have been historically neglected or underfunded in developing countries. Ultimately, we chose this set of diseases because we think this is where we can catalyze changes having the greatest impact and where we can best leverage our skills, the work of our partners, and existing systems. Most of our funding is going towards a subset of strategic program initiatives. We feel that these initiatives hold the most potential for either eradicating specific diseases or bringing them under control. We plan to make additional investments to discover, develop, deliver, and advocate for tools and strategies to make that a reality. To achieve impact more efficiently, we are also investing in the development of coordinated and integrated platforms for mass drug administration, surveillance, and vector control that could address multiple diseases simultaneously.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the 20 original endorsers of the London Declaration

Program Name

Neglected Infectious Diseases Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation