Global Pharmaceutical Relief

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Short description of the organization and its work to control and eliminate NTDs

Global Pharmaceutical has a long and outstanding history in championing the battle against the Neglected Tropical Diseases, specifically Schistosomiasis and Soil-Transmitted Helminthes. Innovation in treatment and innovation in distribution partnerships are the hallmarks of Global Pharmaceutical Relief.

In order to achieve even greater success we must challenge ourselves to ever greater goals. We have before us an opportunity to harness the attention of the International NTD community, public and private funding opportunities, and the momentum of the World Health Organization.

To this end, we have set our goal to be recognized and to become the preeminent supplier of NTD drugs to bilateral donor organizations, WHO and all of the other UN organizations, plus, the targeted and beneficiary host governments and their respective ministries of MOH, MOE, MOSA, MOA, National Nutrition Offices.

We will empower the global community by our actions, not our words, to join us in the fight against Neglected Tropical Diseases. Our ambition is not to end the neglect of these debilitating ailments but to end the disease.

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