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Iniciar for Global Action Foundation, an American-based nonprofit human rights organization, develops programs to raise awareness, helps advance early diagnosis and follow-up services, and aims to sensitize the population at large with a particular focus on the most vulnerable populations. Our mission is to support, promote, and advocate across all sectors of the community, both public and private, through inclusive and holistic endeavors. In other words, we build bridges across sectors and disciplines. We believe that partnerships among different social networks promote long-lasting reforms and sustainable developments. At Iniciar for Global Action we believe that every woman, man, and child deserves a dignified life.

Chagas disease, a poverty-driven disease, actively present in rural communities caused by pockets of active vector transmissions, has spread to urban regions due to migrations, making its way into the middle class.

We recognize that no issue can be seen in isolation, which is why we focus our efforts to bring together cross-sector and cross-industry experts to address the challenges at hand. Through dialogue, debate and discussion we unearth all of the critical issues including healthcare, prevention, human rights, public policies, climate, education and management of national programs, to name a few. While it is important to keep in mind that Chagas disease can never be eradicated, we believe in a collaborative effort to prevent the spread of Chagas disease, a social issue and not solely a disease, through inviting NGOs to share their grant proposals with us.

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Chagas Disease: Raising Awareness and Prevention Programs