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Lions Clubs International is the world's largest volunteer service club organization. Through SightFirst - we support blindness prevention projects throughout the world. We have been especially active in funding national onchocerciasis and blinding trachoma programs, as well as helping our volunteer membership networks in their efforts to bring needed services to underserved populations and advocate for greater governmental and societal awarenness of the threat persented by neglected tropical diseases. To date, SightFirst has provided US$34.1 million, through local Lions and partners, for 25 ochocerciasis projects in 15 countries. These projects have made possible the distribution of 153.3 million treatments of Mectizan and the training of over 550,000 community distributors and supervisors. As for blinding trachoma, SightFirst focuses its attention on the surgical component of the "SAFE" strategy, though full SAFE initiatives are sometimes considered. SightFirst has allocated over US$11 million for 16 projects in 10 countries. These projects have made possible over 240,000 trichiasis surgeries and the training of over 1,000 trichiasis surgeons, the distribution of 45 million Zithromax and tetracycline treatments, 2.2 million latrines and 35,000 villages receiving health education courses.

Lions Clubs International is one of the 20 original endorsers of the London Declaration

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