Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine Neglected Tropical Diseases (LSTM NTDs)

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Since it was founded in 1898, the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) has been at the forefront of research on NTDs from fundamental historic and fundamental findings to drug development. This work has provided the platform for policy makers to define interventions and treatment based on strong scientific evidence and programmatic success. LSTM has been at the forefront of promoting the NTD concept building on decades of experience and effective partnerships throughout the global tropics emphasizing the ethos that LSTM’s impact “must be in tropics”.  LSTM has recognized in its strategic plan that NTDs represent a cross-cutting institutional priority across all its departments.    

To address important NTD questions LSTM works to identify and overcome the critical bottlenecks to NTD control, elimination or treatment through an extensive research portfolio which is underpinned by implementation activities throughout endemic countries. LSTM focuses on evaluating alternative strategies via drug and diagnostic development, qualitative operational research, improved vector control, health economics, systematic reviews, capacity strengthening and clinical research.  LSTM NTDs was established in 2015 as an inter LSTM forum to build and promote the strengths of its research base, facilitate networking within the NTD and wider scientific community through a multidisciplinary and cross-cutting approach to NTDs, advocating for greater emphasis by policy makers on the role of NTDs in poverty and its alleviation following the inclusion of NTDs within the health targets of the Sustainable Development Goals.

By using a multidisciplinary approach to research and its translation into policy and practice LSTM NTDs capitalizes upon political and financial commitments made at the 2012 London Declaration and reiterated in Paris in 2014.

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Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine Neglected Tropical Diseases (LSTM NTDs)