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About the Desafio Project: Within the framework of the Uniting to Combat NTDs Initiative, Mundo Sano will carry out research prevention and assistance, including diagnosis and treatment of Chagas disease and soil-transmitted helminthiases (STH), in both endemic and non-endemic urban and rural areas. In coming years, interventions will take place in Argentina and later in other counties of Americas and other regions. To find out more refer to: www.mundosano.org

Mundo Sando Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to research into transmissible diseases like Chagas disease, dengue or leishmaniasis. Since its inception, in 1993, Mundo Sano has been developing and managing intervention models based on technology transfer to the communities affected, aimed at merging scientific labor with the demand of the most socially vulnerable endemic areas.

Currently chaired by Dr. Silvia Gold, its goal is to yield concrete results that can be applied to several realities, both in the national and international spheres, with projects aimed at achieving an assessable and sustainable impact.

Mundo Sano is one of the 20 original endorsers of the London Declaration

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