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In order to drive progress towards achieving the WHO 2020 NTD goals, a Stakeholders’ Working Group (SWG), was set up in 2012 to guide the work of Uniting to Combat NTDs with representatives from the major stakeholder groups supporting the London Declaration including donors, representatives of endemic countries, industry partners, researchers, implementers, NGDOs, advocacy agencies and WHO as an observer.

The role of the SWG is:

1.1 To work in partnership with WHO in support of endemic countries to achieve the WHO Roadmap on NTD goals supported in the London Declaration

1.2 To monitor global progress on the London Declaration and produce a scorecard and a report on progress

1.3 To identify bottlenecks, gaps and seek strategic opportunities to address them

1.4 To facilitate opportunities for partner collaboration and coordination across the 10 London Declaration NTDs

1.5 To identify global and country resource needs and gaps with the purpose of advocating for additional resources

The SWG is supported in its role by the Uniting to Combat NTDs Support Centre which is jointly hosted by Sightsavers and the Task Force for Global Health with initial funding provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. As currently structured, the Support Centre is tasked to do the following:

  • Provide coordination and support to the cycle of activities needed to produce the Scorecard and report on progress towards London Declaration commitments
  • Coordinate the implementation of the SWG work plan
  • Provide support to the SWG and facilitative management of its business and meetings
  • Provide support to the Uniting to Combat NTDs Working groups (including ensuring the development of work plans and ToRs)

The operational model of the support centre will be subject to regular review.

The Partnership is further strengthened by three working groups as follows:

The Advocacy and Resource Mobilization Working Group (ARM): brings together key players to discuss, agree and coordinate the implementation of strategic advocacy priorities in support of the WHO, for the NTDs targeted through the London Declaration.

The Disease Specific Working Group: brings together representatives of the 10 NTDs disease communities to contribute to and help coordinate access to information that drives the Scorecard and progress reporting process. In addition, the group’s members also provide a forum for technical and experiential input from implementing partners. The group identifies bottlenecks and challenges faced in meeting the WHO 2020 goals.

The Extended Donors’ Working Group: provides a platform for coordination and collaboration among funders supporting the efforts of the global NTD community towards reaching the WHO 2020 goals. The Working Group enables contributors to share experiences, look for opportunities, and identify new donors to identified gaps in resources needs and mobilize new resources.

Additional working groups may be established, as relevant, to respond to specific needs and issues.

For further information, please see the full Terms of reference 

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