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    Women working to defeat neglected tropical diseases

    Women play a crucial role in the on-going fight against neglected tropical diseases, a role which often goes unrecognized and unrewarded.

    In Zanzibar – off the coast of Tanzania – most of their community drug distributors are women. They are very effective at providing treatment and are valued within their communities.

    Along with providing treatment, they play a vital role in teaching the children about hygiene and sanitation.Read more

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    5th anniversary of the London Declaration on Neglected Tropical Diseases

    2017 marks the 5th anniversary of the momentous occasion when diverse organisations and global partners came together to sign the London Declaration on Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). Together, they committed to control, eliminate or eradicate 10 diseases by 2020.

    Neglected tropical diseases are a group of preventable and treatable diseases that affect over a billion people. These diseases impact the poorest communities in the world. They disfigure and disable, keep children out of school and parents out of work - limiting their potential.

    In this video, we visit Zanzibar and Pemba Islands - just off the coast of...Read more

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    Trachoma surgery in Kajiado, Kenya

    One of the biggest challenges of treating neglected tropical diseases is the remote and inaccessible regions that many of the world's poorest live in. Amongst the Maasai of north Kenya trachoma is rife due to the unique relationship this nomadic people have with their animals.

    Yet the prevalence of this blinding disease is now decreasing due to a simple operation and mass sensitisation that has been carried out over the past few years.Read more

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    Leadership in Africa

    We can talk about mass drug administration and billions of dollars worth of drugs donated but amongst all these huge figures it’s easy to forget about the human face of the fight against NTDs.

    NTDs themselves are of course hugely debilitating to those who live with them - but in bringing together countries, resources and people a new opportunity for empowerment and ownership has emerged. Community drug-distributors have found the programme gives them a greater sense of purpose and has increased their respect within the communities they serve. This provides the vital energy needed to make these interventions viable,...Read more