In 2019, following a thorough consultation, an updated set of goals and structure were agreed for the Uniting to Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases partnership. We are now in the process of establishing new leadership and strategy groups, which will improve partnership decision-making, accountability, credibility and agility.

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Our new structure

The Board: The Board will be responsible for strategy and governance decisions. It will approve the partnership’s strategy, operational plan and budget, whilst monitoring progress against our strategic goals. The Board Chair will also have responsibilities to represent the partnership externally on the global stage.

The Advisory Group: The Advisory Group will provide guidance on strategy and tactics to the Board, the Secretariat and working groups. This group will bring the perspectives of the broader NTD Partner Network to the Board and other partnership bodies.

Working Groups: Working groups will be created as required to leverage partner expertise and execute activities around specific objectives in the partnership strategy and operational plan.

The Secretariat: The partnership support centre will be known as the Secretariat. It will develop and implement the board-approved strategy. It will carry out ambitious advocacy initiatives and represent the partnership externally, whilst providing administrative and coordination support to partnership groups.

All of these groups will include and represent the members of the partnership, which will collectively will be known as the Partner Network. The network is not a formal body; it is the name for our broad group of stakeholders committed to tackling NTDs.

Finally, the work of the partnership will be guided by a new strategy and operational plan. This will provide clarity to all partners on the goals, objectives, and activities that will guide the partnership in the years to come.

More on why we are evolving.

View our new draft terms of reference for the partnership.

Download a diagram of our new structure here.