Advisory Group

Following the review in 2019, it has been agreed that the partnership will:

  • Elevate the prioritization and inclusion of NTDs in the global health agenda using the partnership’s convening power, collaborative voice and harmonized messages.
  • Advocate for maintained and increased donor and endemic country resource commitments for NTDs.
  • Foster collective action around critical challenges and opportunities, when the partnership is uniquely positioned to do so.

To support these goals we are establishing a new Advisory Group. The group will represent Uniting’s Partner Network and provide critical advice to the Board, Secretariat and any working groups that are established. The Advisory Group will support effective decision-making and ensure that the views of our partnership members are captured and shared.

The group will be comprised of approximately 20-30 members, with a mix of seats filled by people who represent different partnership constituencies.

The nomination period for both the new Board and Advisory Group members has closed. Announcements will be made in due course.