The goal of Uniting to Combat NTDs is to support the World Health Organization NTD roadmap in its aim to reach 2020 control, elimination and eradication targets for 10 neglected tropical diseases:

Through collaboration, information sharing, and aligned strategies, the diverse partners of the Uniting to Combat NTDs complement and extend the reach of the World Health Organization to support national programs in their efforts to build and implement NTD programs.

As the partners come from varied fields, we can act as a coalition of voices to:

  • increase the visibility of NTDs on the global stage
  • improve collaboration and consistency of messaging for advocacy and resource mobilization
  • monitor progress of stakeholder commitments towards the London Declaration through a scorecard and report on progress
  • promote NTD community collaboration
  • identify funding gaps and challenges to meeting the WHO goals for NTDs targeted by the London Declaration
  • advocate to bridge the identified gaps