In 2020, Uniting to Combat NTDs consulted extensively with its partner network to produce a new strategy (2021-2030) and an operational to (2021-2025). Indicators and associated targets to assess progress were developed for the goals and outcomes. Several of these indicators required data from Uniting partners on an annual basis to measure progress.

At the end of 2021, the Uniting Secretariat invited partners to complete the second partners annual survey, covering the first year of the Uniting strategy. The survey was open to partners between 29 November and 15 December 2021. The collected data will be used as follows:
– Survey quantitative responses: to measure progress against baselines targets for several indicators in the strategy, and the targets will be year on year improvement
– Survey free text feedback: to inform the Secretariat’s operations What follows is a report of the partners’ survey

What follows is a report of the partners’ survey which is structured as follows:
– Table showing progress against year 1 relevant targets
– Survey quantitative responses: the analysis of responses.
– Survey respondents: information on the total respondents and their characteristics.

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