We are pleased to share the high-level outputs from the Kigali Declaration Commitment Tracker. The Kigali Declaration Commitment Tracker is an online system designed to capture, track and monitor commitments to the Kigali Declaration.

Partners enter the commitments directly into the tracker and have full ownership and management of the commitment.

The Commitment Tracker enables partners in the Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) community to understand the volume of resources being invested in NTD programmes and to hold endorsers of the declaration accountable for the commitments they made. From this data, partners will also be able to see the distribution of resources committed for NTDs.

Partners can add new commitments and update their data at any time, and access to the commitment tracker dashboard will be publicly available.

Uniting to Combat Neglected tropical Diseases (Uniting) has undertaken a detailed verification process of commitments to ensure that funds are not duplicated. Partners have kindly provided high-level breakdowns of funding sources which has enabled Uniting to understand where primary source funding has originated and to cross-reference funding sources and commitments.

Next steps – Phase two

Uniting is developing the Commitment Tracker further. In addition to viewing the topline commitments, it will be possible to filter and disaggregate the commitments by commitment type and stakeholder group. In consultation with partners, Phase two of the dashboard will also include partner profiles. We will publish the full dashboard with these additions in early 2023.

We continue to welcome endorsements and commitments for the Kigali Declaration. We are engaging with partners. including countries, organisations, companies and institutions to support the Declaration and make new commitments to end NTDs.