Today, the world saw a pivotal moment in the elimination of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).

At the World Health Assembly in Geneva health ministers united to pledge their commitment to end NTDs in their countries.

Led by Dr Kesetebirhan Admasu, Minister of Health from Ethiopia, health ministers signed their names against The Addis Ababa NTD Commitment, promising to work to increase domestic investment, promote multi-sectoral approaches, encourage adoption of data-driven, long-term strategic plans, and ensure mutual support of NTD programs and overall health systems.

Earlier this year, WHO’s third annual progress report on NTDs made the case for affected countries to scale up investments in tackling these diseases. Today’s commitment by ministers is a huge leap forward towards elimination.

We want to extend our congratulations to all the health ministers who are leading the way in committing to end these diseases and working towards a healthier life for all.

Read the Addis Ababa Declaration