Thank you for attending NTD Summit 2017!

2017 marks the 5th anniversary of the World Health Organization’s roadmap on NTDs and the London Declaration. To celebrate this milestone, Uniting to Combat NTDs, the World Health Organization and the NTD community hosted the NTD Summit in Geneva, Switzerland in April 2017.

We celebrated the community’s achievements over the past 5 years and planned for the future as we aim to control, eliminate and eradicate 10 neglected tropical diseases. The summit included technical discussions with our partners to define a clear path towards the 2020 goals and beyond.

Overview of the summit

Wednesday, 19 April (daytime): Second Global Partners’ Meeting on Neglected Tropical Diseases
This event was hosted by the World Health Organization at their headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Wednesday, 19 April (evening): Evening reception and dinner hosted by Uniting to Combat NTDs
The reception celebrated the tremendous progress that has been made in combatting NTDs since the signing of the London Declaration and the WHO roadmap on NTDs and honoured the contribution of women in the delivery of NTD programmes.

Thursday, 20 April to Saturday, 22 April: NTD community meetings
These partner meetings involved technical discussions to define a clear path towards the 2020 NTD goals and beyond.

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