Our coalition is a diverse and open global health partnership, a coalition of the willing, focused on diseases of inequity. The Uniting to Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases partnership is a wide range of partner network representing the broad set of stakeholders working to achieve the WHO NTD and SDG 3 targets. Uniting to Combat NTDs leverages on the extensive reach, technical expertise and valuable collaboration and contributions of the partner network to enable the partnership to achieve its aims and goals.

Our partners

Our vast and global network of partners, which continues to grow from the initial London Declaration on NTDs endorsers, cuts across the academic and research institutions, government, multilaterals, coalitions, donors, philanthropy, allied sector partner, private sector, industry, youth and non-governmental organisations.

Partners’ activities mainly involve advocacy, donation of medicines, research and development, diagnostics, civil society and community engagements and NTD programme implementation. Partners contribute to global debates, international fora, declarations, major events, key documents and plans geared towards elimination and eradication of NTDs, for example, WHO NTD Roadmap 2021-2030.

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Academic and research partners

Non-governmental organization partners

Pharmaceutical partners

Government partners

Other partners

Become a Uniting to Combat NTDs partner

The Uniting to Combat NTDs partnership is an open global health coalition of the willing.

A prospective partner should:

  • Demonstrate an interest and commitment to join, participate and contribute to the collective work of the Uniting to Combat NTDs.
  • Commit to the success of Uniting to Combat NTDs strategy, including its mission, aims and goals.
  • Be an advocate for and commit to the elimination and eradication of NTDs.

For organisations willing to become a partner of Uniting to Combat NTDs, click the link below to complete the online form:

Become a Uniting To Combat NTDs Partner

For more information, please contact Uniting to Combat NTDs partnerships via