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Commitment Tracker

The Kigali Declaration Commitment Tracker is an online system designed to capture, track and monitor commitments for neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).


The Kigali Declaration Commitment Tracker is the only financing tracker for NTDs, making it a key tool for accountability and to drive further investments.

Why track NTD commitments?

The Commitment Tracker enables partners in the NTD community to understand the volume and distribution of resources being invested in NTD programmes and to hold endorsers of the Kigali Declaration accountable for the commitments they have made.

The Tracker can be used as a tool for NTD advocates to stay well-informed on donor commitments, to leverage timely data to share and help drive more investments, and to ensure accountability for countries on both new and existing commitments.

About the Commitment Tracker

The Commitment Tracker covers the period 2021 to 2030 in line with the WHO road map for NTDs.

Partners enter the commitments directly into the tracker and have full ownership and management of their commitments.

There are four primary commitment types including financial, health product, policy and in-kind. Uniting to Combat NTDs undertakes a detailed verification process of commitments to ensure that funds are not duplicated.

We continue to welcome endorsements and commitments for the Kigali Declaration on NTDs.

FLUCTUATING TOTALS - The underpinning principle of the Tracker is partner data ownership. While Uniting to Combat NTDs undertakes a validation process for each commitment, at times partners revisit their data and adjust and update their data.

Tips on navigating the Commitment Tracker

  • Navigate the four pages using the purple buttons at the top of the Tracker.
  • On the Stakeholder Type and Further Breakdown tabs, interrogate the data by clicking on the yellow category buttons and the charts.
  • On the Stakeholder Profile tab, drill down into individual partner commitment data by clicking on a partner name and selecting the yellow tab.

Kigali Declaration Commitment Tracker FAQs