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Genital Schistosomiasis Collection

Global Schistosomiasis Alliance

28 April 2023



Credit: Global Schistosomiasis Alliance

Urogenital schistosomiasis is a dangerous consequence of schistosome infections that drastically decreases quality of life, causes much misery and pain, leads to pelvic inflammation, risk of infertility and can increase the likelihood of contracting other dangerous diseases such as HIV.

Schistosome eggs are dispersed through the blood system and can lodge in various organs, leading to tissue damage. When the eggs lodge in the genital tract they cause a form of the disease referred to as genital schistosomiasis. In women, where the impact is more apparent, this is called female genital schistosomiasis (FGS). In men it is called male genital schistosomiasis (MGS).

The Global Schistosomiasis Alliance have brought together tools, training, advocacy and articles on genital schistosomiasis.

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