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Join the #WorldNTDChallenge on World NTD Day

Get dancing this World NTD Day
Tuesday 30 January 2024

Singers Dereck Mpofu and Etienne Kasereka perform Unite. Act. Eliminate

To mark this year's World NTD Day on 30 January 2024, Uniting to Combat NTDs are calling on you to do the #WorldNTDChallenge to help Unite, Act, Eliminate!

On 30 January 2024, the world comes together to celebrate World NTD Day, a time to drive global action for NTDs and recognise the incredible progress countries are making in eliminating these diseases.

With 50 countries having eliminated at least one NTD so far, we have 50 more countries to go before we can reach the World Health Organization target of 100 countries eliminating at one least one NTD by 2030. Therefore, this year's theme for World NTD Day is Unite. Act. Eliminate.

To mark the occasion and recognise the theme, Uniting to Combat NTDs has teamed up with talented artists from Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Dereck Mpofu and Etienne Kasereka, to produce a new song to inspire action, titled 'Unite. Act. Eliminate'!

We'd love you to get involved, and get dancing!

To accompany the action-rousing chorus, Dereck and Etienne have come up with a simple yet fun dance routine to get people moving.

On 30 January 2024, World NTD Day, we'd love for you to get involved and post a clip of you performing the dance moves.

Whether you do this alone or with friends, family, or your team at work is up to you. The point isn't to perform a perfect dance routine, but to have fun, help raise awareness of NTDs, and call for change!

STEP 1: Have a listen to the chorus below - we're sure by the end of it, you'll already be up on your feet!

Watch a teaser of the chorus to Unite. Act. Eliminate

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STEP 2: Learn and practice the very simple and fun dance moves to the chorus below, with help from the song's writer, singer, and producer, Dereck Mpofu.

Learn the dance moves

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STEP 3: Post your dance challenge on 30 January, World NTD Day.

Go to Uniting to Combat NTDs' social media channels to find the official song audio and follow the instructions below according to the platform you are using:


Go to the Uniting to Combat NTDs Instagram channel, @unitingtocombatntds, and:

  1. Click on the reels tab.
  2. Click on the pinned video of the song clip.
  3. Click on the little music icon at the bottom on the left hand of the screen.
  4. Click the blue ‘use audio’ button. This will take you to your recording reel function in Instagram.
  5. When you’re ready to dance click the big button in the middle and perform your dance!
  6. When you’re happy with your dance click the ‘next’ button.
  7. Write your caption and include the #WorldNTDChallenge hashtags (and #UniteActEliminate if you can fit it in)
  8. Tag your friends and family and @unitingtocombatntds as we’ll be sharing these in our story.
  9. Make sure the ‘Recommend on Facebook function’ is on and click ‘Done’.


Go to the Uniting to Combat NTDs TikTok account, @unitingtocombatntds, and:

  1. Click on our latest TikTok post of the song clip at the top left hand of the screen.
  2. On the bottom right hand of the screen, click on the bottom icon - this will take you to the sound.
  3. On the bottom right-hand corner, click on 'Use this sound'.
  4. Move the time allowance to 60 seconds and press record when you’re ready to start dancing!
  5. When you are happy, click the tick button,
  6. Click next and add your caption, please include the #WorldNTDChallenge and #UniteActEliminate hashtags.
  7. Tag your friends, family and any influencers you’d like to see take part, as well as @unitingtocombatntds.
    (Before you post, click save and your TikTok will download to your phone with the audio.)
  8. Click ‘Post’ when you’re done!


  • If you have Instagram, make sure the ‘Recommend on Facebook function’ is on before you post and it will post for you.
  • If you have TikTok, before you post, click 'save' and your TikTok will download to your phone with the audio. You can then share this to your Facebook account or page!
  • Facebook without Instagram or TikTok: Play the song clip via another phone or laptop and record yourself dancing via your phone camera and upload to your personal account or business page. Write your caption and include the hashtags #WorldNTDChallenge and #UniteActEliminate. Be sure to tag us and anyone you want to see do the challenge too!

Alternatively, if none of the above are an option:

Film yourself and your group, and send us your clip!

We're also sharing your posts on our own channels.

Below are all our social media handles.

Instagram: @unitingtocombatntds
YouTube: @UnitingtoCombatNTDs
Facebook: Uniting to Combat NTDs
LinkedIn: Uniting to Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases
TikTok: @unitingtocombatntds
X (formerly Twitter): @CombatNTDs

Thank you for your support - we can't wait to see your moves!

Watch the music video to Unite. Act. Eliminate.

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Listen on Spotify

Meet the singers


Dereck Mpofu is an Afrofusion singer, songwriter and performer from Harare, Zimbabwe.

Mpofu's music is a fusion of Ndebele, Shona and Western elements. He is a goodwill environmental and health ambassador for the Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate and City of Harare.

Mpofu uses creative concepts and the media to reach out to people on environmental and health issues, including NTDs. He has travelled around Africa to relay a powerful message on these diseases.

Etienne Unite._Act._Eliminate._singers.original

Étienne Kasereka is a young artist, singer, composer and performer from DRC, committed to the promotion of culture. He is also one of the winners of a youth story-telling competition Uniting ran in partnership with Youth Combating NTDs in 2021.

Download the full song lyrics

(Multi-language version - English, French, and Swahili)

Unite. Act. Eliminate. lyrics

Take a look at the official World NTD Day website for more activities happening around the world.