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UNITE Global Summit 2021

10 December 2021



Over 1000 policymakers, global health activists and experts joined UNITE Global Summit 2021.

From December 6 to 8, over 1000 elected members of parliament, government officials, policymakers, global health experts, practitioners, representatives of civil society, and activists have gathered to discuss the current and persistent challenges infectious diseases pose to people worldwide.

For three days, 110 speakers explored how COVID-19 has transformed global health and modern politics and how the international architecture could respond to current and future pandemics while serving the most vulnerable and not losing sight of other infectious diseases. The UNITE Global Summit results from cooperation and partnerships between UNITE and 20 international organizations working on different fronts related to public health.

Following the establishment of the Global Parliamentary Group to Combat NTDs, Uniting and Wellcome Trust were pleased to host a session on building political will reach the WHO Roadmap targets and end NTDs. The panel featured representatives from our network of parliamentarians, WHO and academic and research institutions.

The UNITE Global Summit 2021 got together leaders from multilateral organizations, public-private partnerships, government development agencies, foundations, international NGOs, civil society, think tanks, academia, and the private sector, joined by elected members of parliament. The event created momentum for political leadership for not losing sight of other infectious diseases as well as to advancing more sustainable, fairer, and equitable policies for all, always and everywhere.